A Kingdom for a Pen

The art of writing well is never truly mastered.

You and I are both students of the word, but on any given day it is easy to feel at the mercy of language. Appropriate and precise expression can be hard to find. Knowing the struggle to write well is a very personal one for me and I want to share what I’ve learnt along the way.

I started writing as a child. Creative writing was a great outlet, and I achieved some moderate success which encouraged me to continue.

I turned to the Arts at university and honed my writing through research as I completed my Honours and PhD.

I stepped out into the world, and jumped into writing. As I progressed, I began to manage projects, becoming an editor and a content expert along the way. Finally I rose to become editor-in-chief.

My love of words, their power and their uses, nourishes me. I find the call to write effectively for different audiences a source of creative encouragement. I understand that copy-writing is a business and an art. Understanding your vision is the foundation of my work.

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